Nether Update Promises Dirt Bikes

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Phosphor Studios recently announced a new patch for their highly anticipated MMOFPS Nether.

The new update includes a new Motorcycle/Dirt Bike– There will be motorcycles that spawn in the world. The motorcycles are still very much in an “early access” state- it’s recommended that players deposit their gear in the global inventory before attempting to ride the bike.

Known issues:

  • There is some network rubberbanding that causes bike to appear to hiccup
  • If bike is laying down, press E to start flipping it over, and E again when it is upright
  • FRAPS may have perf issues while riding motorcycle.

The update also includes Group System.

Group system overview/instructions:

  • Access the group screen from the main menu bar.
  • Invite people to your group by clicking the plus icon next to their name in the right most column.
  • Invites appear in “invites” window. You can accept or ignore them. Accepting an invite, while your currently in a different group will cause you to leave that group.
  • You can send chat messages to only your group members by beginning your message with /group.
  • You can return to global chat by typing /say.
  • Group member’s name tags always appear over their heads.
  • Group member’s locations can be seen in the map screen.
  • Group system chat is enabled with /group [message]
  • To switch back to global chat type /say [message]

To find out more about the game and the latest update, visit the official site.