Nether Patch Brings Tribes and Crafting

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The urban survival game Nether has yet again earned some new features requested by the community. This week the game launched a patch that included tribes, crafting, Nether hunters, many bug fixes and perhaps even a secret feature.

Unfortunately the new update also required a Character Wipe. The reset is needed to fix previous exploits and bugs that have occurred during the early access. Gameplay should now become more balanced and the overall experience improved. The character inventory has been wiped and all gold has been returned to the players account along with all the gold that was included in the Believer and Chosen packages.

The patch also includes:

  • Crafting- Players can now create their own weapons using scavanged parts and ‘recipes’ found in the abandoned city ruins.
  • Tribes- Players will now be able to pledge allegiance to one of 16 in-game Tribes, each battling for ownership of various territories on the map. By joining a Tribe, players will be rewarded with stronger offensive and defensive skills, larger cash and loot drops, extra space to store items and more.
  • Nether Hunters- These cult members will give players rewards for bringing them Nether body parts that are dropped from killing creatures.

You can view the full patch notes here.