Mechwarrior Online Preparing for Launch

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Since the first open beta version in late October, 2012, Mechwarrior Online has received over 29 updates and more than 1.3 million players have enjoyed the thrill of dominating other mechs. Since the open beta launch, the game has added 100’s of new features: including ELO match making, 13 new mechs, visual customization, 4 new maps, tutorials, testing grounds and much-much more. To say the least, Piranha Games has significantly improved the quality of the game during the open beta phase.

After more than 10 months in Open Beta, Infinite Game Publishing finally feels that the game is ready for the official launch. The game was Officially launched on September 17, 2013. To celebrate the game’s release, they will be holding some cool in-game events.

Firstly, everyone can participate in the Operation 24, which basically means that you have to participate in 24 matches (any kind) in order to receive a “Operation 24” hanging cockpit item automatically. Players can take part in Operation 24 from  September 17th to October 1st.

Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games will also be hosting the “official Mechwarrior Online North American Launch Event and Tournament”, but unfortunately registration to compete in the Launch Event Tournament are closed. But if you want to tune in, you can watch the live broadcast on the official Mechwarrior Online Twitch Channel on September 26, 2 PM PDT.

To find out more about the game, visit the official site here.