Mecha Wonder Woman Hits Infinite Crisis

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Mecha Wonder Woman was originally a mechanical bodyguard called D1A-NA. Her only mission in life was to serve her Queen, Hippolyta, ruler of the Amazon women on the island of Themyscira. D1A-NA’s continued exposure to the ideals of justice and equality that Queen Hippolyta promoted were eventually reflected in the robot’s personality. In a tragic turn of events, Queen Hippolyta was assassinated by the Doom Legion before D1A-NA’s very eyes, and D1A-NA hardened into a machine of vengeance. With the help of the Justice Consortium, the mechanical maiden remade herself to be a weapon of justice and virtue, seeking to continue her late Queen’s work and avenge her late Queen’s death. Under the new mantle of “Wonder Woman,” D1A-NA seeks to shine the light of truth on a corrupt, violent world.

Mecha Wonder Woman is a ranged hybrid damage dealer who focuses on harassing enemies from a far with her abilities and auto-attacks. Her passive, Implacable Judgement, applies a stack of Judgement with each basic attack, exploding for bonus damage with three stacks. Her first ability, Glaive Storm, launches a volley of glaives in a cone, dealing damage and applying a stack of judgement to all enemies hit. Afterburn activates Mecha Wonder Woman’s boosters and allows her to dash to a target location, leaving a trail of damaging fire in her wake. Celerity grants Mecha Wonder Woman an attack speed boost. Celerity’s duration is increased if three stacks of Judgement are applied to an enemy. Mecha Wonder Woman’s ultimate is Tempest; she launches an assault of missiles, channeling for the duration and dealing Power Damage in a cone for a short time. Mecha Wonder Woman is a hybrid champion who can excel with either physical damage or power damage, depending on how players want to use her. Her passive and Celerity allow her to deal large amounts of auto-attack damage, while her Glaive Storm and her ultimate give her massive ranged caster potential. In dangerous situations, Mecha Wonder Woman can use Afterburn to reposition herself and continue to deal damage. If her team has the upper-hand, Mecha Wonder Woman can use Afterburn to chase down fleeing enemies and get in range for Glaive Storm.