League of Legends: Jinx Now Available

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After a number of well hyped teasers, including the pink graffiti across the entire League of Legends website, Jinx, the Loose Cannon, is now available for purchase. Jinx has been in the works for quite some time, and Riot has done a great deal to promote her release. She holds the distinction of being the first and only champion to have a music video in her honor. According to her lore, she is a psychotic criminal who simply enjoys destroying things, particularly when it will get on the nerves of one of Piltover’s greatest detectives, Vi. Though it is not explicitly stated in the lore, it is fairly common knowledge throughout the League of Legends community that Jinx is, in fact, Vi’s sister. Whether or not the two know this about each other is still up for debate, and perhaps Riot will shed some light on the situation at a later date, but at the moment, all we know is that for some reason or another, Jinx derives a special kind of joy from ruining Vi’s day.

Jinx is a Marksman who specializes in dealing massive amounts of attack damage from a distance. Her kit revolves around a great deal of movement speed and zone control, relying on good positioning and smart play to keep out of reach of enemies. Her passive ability, Get Excited! grants her a massive movement speed bonus when she gets and assist or kill or destroys a turret. This allows her to chase down other opponents if the fight is going her way, escape from a fight that is going badly, or quickly get away if she’s split-pushing. Her first ability allows her to swap between her two different guns, Pow-Pow and Fishbones. Fishbones is a rocket launcher that gives Jinx bonus range and magic damage to her auto-attacks, while Pow-Pow is a machine gun that gives Jinx a stacking attack speed buff on each auto-attack. Her second ability is Zap!, which fires a long range skill shot, dealing damage and slowing the first enemy unit hit. Jinx’s third ability drops three mines in front of her, dealing damage and snaring enemies who walk into them. Her ultimate is Super Mega Death Rocket! Jinx fires a massive rocket from Fishbones that travels across the entire map, stopping only when it hits an enemy champion. Upon detonation, the rocket deals damage based on the amount of health enemies are missing, as well as dealing bonus damage to enemies close enough to get hit by the explosion. With no traditional escapes, like Ezreal’s phase-shift or Tristana’s Rocket Jump, proper use of Jinx’s passive movement speed buff, the slow on her Zap!, and the snare of her Flame Chompers! will determine how successful Jinx is in fights. Players will have to move consistently to stay out of the enemies’ range and snare them when they get too close. However, the movement speed of her passive allows her to reengage and chase down weak members, securing kills from a fight that otherwise might have been worse for her team. Jinx can be purchased from the store for 7800 IP or 975 RP. Until the end of this weekend, players can purchase the Mafia Jinx Bundle, which includes Jinx’s second skin, for only 1462 RP. After this weekend, the price will go up to 1950 RP, so be sure to get her while she’s cheap!