Kingdom Under Fire II Experience Beta Test

No Comments recently revealed that they will be holding an “Experience Beta Test” for the upcoming Kingdom Under Fire II. The Beta Test begins on January 23rd and continue through January 26th.

In order to gain access to the Kingdom Under Fire II Beta, players are required to obtain a Beta Key and activate it on the official Kingdom Under Fire II site here. Prior to the Experience test, will be running character creation event from January 21st – 22nd.

The Servers will only be up during certain hours.

  • January 23 18:00~24:00 GMT +8
  • January 24 18:00~24:00 GMT +8
  • January 25 18:00~24:00 GMT +8
  • January 26 18:00~24:00 GMT +8

To find out more about the test and get a Beta key, visit the official game site here.