Just Survive Will Continue

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During the last Z1BR News and Updates stream, Jayce Hall revealed that Just Survive will survive. The game was originally planned to be closed down on October 24th.

Although it was an “unofficial announcement”, it sounded as a logical next step. Jayce revealed that they’re looking for ways to integrate Just Survive as a mode back into the Battle Royale (like in the good old days). Apparently, Daybreak has been looking for a way to integrate PvE mode and other additional content into the game and it made a lot of sense to use the game they already had.

He also tried to reassure our concerns regarding skins and said that there’s no way they’ll allow skin dilution to take place. He went on to promise they’ll listen to the community and try to figure out how to make the best game together.

You can re-view the (unofficial) announcement in this twitch video.