Infinity Blade Arrives To Fortnite

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Earlier this week Epic teased everyone with a cryptic picture of a man holding a blade with the title “Coming soon… a weapon fit for a King”. Now the Infinity blade has been added to Fortnite and it is already causing massive amounts of drama.

The Infinity Blade is the strongest weapon in the game. It can destroy buildings and kill enemies with a single hit. The blade does 75 damage to humans and its alternate fire allows you to leap through the air, leaving destruction in your wake. The blade can be found at Polar Peak and there is a limit of one per game.

fortnite infinity blade

The wielder of the blade has doubled maximum health and shields, increased speed as well as a passive 1 HP per second health regeneration and a burst of health for each slain enemy. However, if you decide to equip the sword, it’ll be the only thing you can carry (besides building materials).

Yesterday the drama regarding the blade began. The weapon is definitely overpowered and that can be acceptable in a regular game. However, Epic decided to also include the weapon in the $1,000,000 Winter Royale Tournament. Needless to say that most participants weren’t happy after grinding for a year to be eligible for the big tournament just to have such an overpowered- and game changing item be included in the game on the day of the tournament.

You can find out more about the Infinity Blade on the game’s official website.