Infinite Crisis Razer Mayhem

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Infinite Crisis recently announced a full month of Razer giveaways! During May, players will be able to win a brand-new Razer laptop just for playing IC.

Each week during the Infinite Crisis Razer May-hem, players can enter to win a Razer Blade laptop just for playing the game. For each match completed, your account will be entered into that week’s laptop drawing. That means the more you play the higher the chances of winning a new laptop. The entries are reset every week, meaning they don’t carry over from week-to-week.

The laptop will be custom-skinned with Infinite Crisis art like Green Arrow or Wonder Woman. You can find out more about the laptop and it’s technical specifications here.

The laptop giveaways will take place on May 7th, May 14th, May 21st and May 28th. The giveaways will take place at 11:59 Eastern time (-4 GMT) .

During that period IC will also have double exp weekends. Upcoming Double exp weekends are from May 9th – May 11th, May 16th – May 18th and May 23rd – May 26th.

To find out more about Infinite Crisis and the Razer May-hem, visit the official game site.