Infinite Crisis Entering Open Beta in March

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Infinite Crisis producer Turbine announced today that Infinite Crisis would be moving into Open Beta on March 14th. Infinite Crisis has been in closed beta for over a year slowly getting player feedback and professional player advice on how to make the game better and prepared for e-sports competitive play. Looks like they are prepared to let people see what they think of the DC MOBA. Hopefully Turbine has prepared the servers because DC has lots of fans and they will probably end up having problems unless their servers are fire-proof.

Along with the news that the game will be entering Open Beta, Turbine announced that they will be adding Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Mecha Superman to the game when the game launches its Open Beta. This is awesome news as getting more characters into the game is always a good thing and bolstering the games champions before launch is always a good idea to add more variety of characters before something like an Open Beta.

I have played in the Closed Beta since pretty much announcement and can’t wait to try out Aquaman. You can check out all the new Champion Profiles below where they showcase all their abilities and what items you should buy for them.  Zack had a few good things to say about Infinite Crisis in his review. We also compared League of Legends to the DC moba in this article here.