Heroes of the Storm Heading Into “Technical Alpha”

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Blizzard just announced today that for the first time players will be able to test Heroes of the Storm in what they are calling their “technical alpha”. What Blizzard is trying to do is, they are testing their support systems and other things on the game for the first time, and in order to test their servers and other systems they are going to have to let people try out the game.

This means that a small group of lucky external testers will be selected so that Blizzard can test their game’s infrastructure and so they can see how the game performs on different PCs. Early testers should expect that there will be bugs, some features have not been implemented, and there are a lot of graphics and sounds that are certainly going to be in the placeholder state.

The first alpha test will be limited to players living within the United States with the games testing branching out at as of yet unknown later time and date. Some exceptions to this rule of thumb are going to be some international press outlets and dedicated community members.

If you want a chance at getting grabbed for the alpha test make sure that the beta settings are confirmed on your Battle.net account and pray to the holy light for an invitation. If you are selected Blizzard also stated that for this test there isn’t even an NDA so users can share video, screenshots, and even stream the game to their hearts content. Expect to see streams for the game pop up soon and hopefully if I get an invitation you will see me streaming it too.