Hero of the Obelisk Open Beta Announced

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As I’ve previously mentioned, free-to-play games have begun to use the term “beta” rather liberally. The newest name to join the long list is Hero of the Obelisk, which has just announced that it will be going into open beta on Thursday, November 28th. To celebrate the game’s open beta, there will be a 15 day consecutive login event with prizes for dedicated daily logins. Players who login every day and reach the minimum level 15 or above will be entered into a drawing and 200 winners will receive the exclusive costume item, the Flag of Recognition. The even will go from November 30th through December 14th, so mark your calenders! Hero of the Obelisk is a dungeon crawler MMO with three different classes and 18 specializations, and you can register for the open beta at the official website. Not sure if Hero of the Obelisk is something you’d like to try or not? Check out our review and make the call yourself. Even if it doesn’t make you super excited, you might want to give it a chance just to see for sure because, hey, you can’t beat the price.