Hero of The Obelisk Announced

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GBA Games recently announced that they will be publishing Hero of the Obelisk, an MMORPG that was originally launched in Korea as Dungeon Hero. Developed by Eyasof, the hack and slash MMO features over 100 different, challenging dungeons for everyone to enjoy alone or with friends.

The game features 3 main classes and every class is said to posses 6 different specializations, each with their own weapons combat-styles. The game is also said to have:

  • Over 100 Rewarding Dungoens
  • Insane amounts of weapon and armor variations
  • Hack N’ Slash Combat
  • Large-scale, open world PVP

For those that enjoy good PvP, the game won’t let you down. The game offers  Seige battle- a two team co-op where one team assaults- and the other defends a castle, Battlefield- a capture and defend arena for up to 4 teams. The game will be adding many more PvP modes in the future.

The game will start beta testing on October 10th. To find out more about the game and register for the beta, visit the official site here.