Hearthstone Rastakhan’s Rumble Expansion Goes Live

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The new troll themed Hearthstone expansion,¬†Rastakhan’s Rumble, is now live. The expansion brings 135 new cards with a wide variety of new mechanics.

Rastakhan, king of the Zandalari, ruler of the great troll empire, is calling on trolls from all over Azeroth: come witness the greatest contest of skill, strength, and cunning the world has ever seen. You best bring your finest deck and your boldest plays when you join the rumble. The winner takes all; the loser? Finished.

For a limited time, everyone who logs in to the game, will receive 6 free packs of cards. Each pack contains cards from the new expansion and has at least 1 rare card.

You can find a list of all the new cards on the here.

The Rumble Run event begins on December 13th. You can find out more about the event on the game’s official website.