H1Z1 Launching on Playstation Soon

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Daybreak has announced that their Battle Royale game H1Z1 launches on PS4 on August 7th.

The game did really well during an open beta they held last month, reaching more than 10 million PS4 players.

The game will also have some updates for the launch day. 2 new weapons will be added, the SOCOM and the RPG. They’ve also worked on rebalancing weapon damage and  availability of ceratain weapons.

Balance Changes

  • The Hellfire will do less damage overall, and have an even stronger damage fall-off at distances beyond 50 meters
  • M40 headshots will be fatal, even through helmets
  • Crossbows with explosive arrows will do less splash damage

Added Weapons

  • SOCOM – A sniper option that sits right between the Scout Rifle and the M40, with a 4x scope on it
  • RPG – A rocket launcher ideal for taking out vehicles

Tier Changes

  • The AR-15 will be moved to ground loot
  • Crossbows with explosive arrows will be moved into Green airdrops
  • The SOCOM will be found in Purple airdrops
  • The M40 and RPG will be found in Gold airdrops

You can find out more about the launch on the game’s official webiste.