H1Z1 First Hackers Detected

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H1Z1 Hack

H1Z1 launched less than a week ago and there have already been many reports of hacking. There was also a GIF posted on the MMORPG forum to back up the claim.

Hackers supposedly were able to take advantage in the form of aimbots, flying and speed hacks. Promptly after the hacking claims were made, John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment stated:

This is a situation we are extremely on top of. When we first launch we get a good survey of what people want to do.. we watch them do it, then we ban them into the nether world of scumbaggery they belong in. You’ll be seeing us ban and shut down the few things we see on a regular and very rapid response basis.

What we have is extremely robust in terms of detection and prevention. Now that we started with detection, you’ll be seeing the prevention go nuclear.

You can stay up to date with everything H1Z1 related on the game’s official site.