Gundog Announced by OGPlanet

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OGPlanet has just announced that GUNDOG, team-based third person shooter, will be the newest game to be added to their free-to-play game collection. GUNDOG is going to be a fun, yet strategic, with addictive card-collecting elements and the best part- OGPlanet has promised it won’t be Pay to Win!

GUNDOG screenshot 3

“We’re really excited to bring GUNDOG to our player community,” said OGPlanet CEO, Sangchul Park. “Between the distinctive art style, the intense team-based combat, and the addictive card-collection elements, we think players will love what GUNDOG has to offer.”

GUNDOG screenshot 2

The game will have different classes like Rifleman, Sniper, Medic,  etc. so you can change your character and your play-style on the fly.



A closed beta will be held from April 4 to 8. You can sign up for closed beta here.

Game trailer: