Get Ready For D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge

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After successfully defending her home country against the evil gwishin omnics in the animated short “Shooting Star”, D.Va has earned her rest.

To help her kick back and relax, and celebrate the upcoming release of the brand new Busan map, Blizzard has decided to hold the D.Va Nano Cola challenge in Overwatch.

The challenge consists of 5 parts and lasts until September 10th. Challenges include:

  • GAME FACE: ON – Learn how to unlock brand-new D.Va sprays and skin
  • NO HACKS REQUIRED! – Earn special D.Va-themed sprays by watching Twitch streams
  • SHOOTING STAR – Watch the new animated short
  • NOW TRAVELING TO…BUSAN – Learn about Busan, a new control map
  • LOVE D.VA – Print the free official D.Va poster and download digital wallpapers

You can find out more about the challenges from the official announcement.