Fortnite 2018-2019 Competitive Season Announced

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As many of you have probably already heard, Epic Games has put out a hefty prize pool of $100 Million for different Fortnite competitions during the 2018-2019 season.

To start the competitions off, they’ll be hosting Fortnite PRO-AM – a $3 Million Charity Tournament, that will pair off celebrities with pro gamers.

Epic has announced that they’ll also be supporting online events, community organized events, and major organized competitions around the world, where anyone can participate. They also revealed that there will be a Fortnite World Cup late in 2019. The qualifiers for the world cup will start in fall 2018.

They didn’t reveal much more about the competitive season other than the $100 Million prize pool will be split between many events at different levels competitions.

You can find out more about the competitive season on Fortnite’s official site.