First Turn-Based MOBA Launched

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Sneaky Games recently announced that they’ve launched Arena of Heroes, the first multiplayer turn-based MOBA. And the game isn’t for only PC either, the game iscross platform.Arena of Heroes isavailable for download (for free) on the App Store for iPad and for PC/Mac.

Arena of Heroes is the first MOBA title to offer asynchronus gameplay (turn-based gameplay). The game currently offers 13 heroes and it plans to release a new hero every two month.

The game offers:

– Single Player VS AI Mode – Allows players to practice strategies against an AI before moving forward playing a live game.

– Classic Turn Mode – Allows three minutes for players to finish their movement with continuous gameplay from start to finish

– Asynchronous Turns Mode – Allows each team up to 2 -5 days to finish their turn, making it possible to play multiple matches at the same time with a more casual pace

Additional key features include:

– Seamless cross-platform design lets gamers play against each other whenever and wherever they want, no matter what system they prefer

– Offers real-time and asynchronous gameplay for 2-4 players

-Continuously updated and growing pool of available heroes, each with different stats and skills they use in battle

– Wide selection of cool premium skins that can be purchased for each hero

– Free to play with new content released weekly