Firefall’s New Trailer Features PvP Combat

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Some time ago Red 5 Studios announced that their first MMO Firefall, will be entering open beta on July 29. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve released a new trailer featuring the upcoming Open world PvP feature.

Firefall’s Open World PvP combat will be taking place in its own zone, The Broken Peninsula, which is separate from the 3 main PvE zones. In the Broken Peninsula, players will be able to join one team to battle for the control of the territory and resources scattered throughout the  area. The zone contains 9 watchtowers as well as 6 large outposts. Each of the watchtowers has its own SIN network that can be captured by any of the participating teams.

The open world PvP zone is  primarily intended to be end-game content, with max-level NPCs and mobs. However, anyone can try out their luck. With high enough skill level, lower levels can still make an impact.

To find out more about the game and the upcoming Open beta, visit the game’s official site here.