Firefall Scheduled to Launch on July 29th

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Red 5 Studios recently announced that their dynamic open-world mmofps Firefall will officially launch on July 29. The game will be live for PC through Steam and the official game site.

The official launch will add new zones and a huge amount of new content that will make the action-packed game even more exciting . According to Macauley, the CEO of Red 5 Studios, the update will quadruple the amount of world space in Firefall and add about 15-times the amount of content that was previously available.

New zones include New Eden and Devil’s Tusk. In the new ares, players will encounter unique dynamic events, such as crystite meteor showers and chosen incursions. The new zones also include a large open-world PVP continent where players can test their skills and tactical abilities against other well-matched players. PvP is a feature that many players have longed for since the closed beta days. Although the game used to have an instanced based PvP, it was removed last year.

Everyone who wants can download the game for free on the official site or through Steam.