Firefall Launches Referral Program

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Now that Firefall has exited the beta stages of development and entered the full release, Red 5 Studios figured that it might get lonely playing alone and decided to introduce the Referral Program.

The referral system rewards the inviting player as well as the friend who accepts the invite.

Players who accept the invite and create an account as well as the inviter, are eligible for the following rewards:

  • The first time any friend that you referred accepts your invite and creates an account, you will receive the in-game cosmetic item, Night Vision Goggles (pictured above). This reward can only be gained once and is only gained by the player who sent the referral.
  • The first time any friend that you referred purchases any pack of Red Beans, both you and the referred friend will receive a free bonus of 10 Red Beans! This reward can be gained once per referred account and is gained by both the player who sent the referral and the one who accepted it.

To find out more about the game and the referral system, visit the official game site here.