Fallout 76 B.E.T.A Starting Soon

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Bethesda has announced that they will begin the Break-It Early Test Application (BETA) for their highly anticipated upcoming Fallout 76 on October 30th. Xbox players will get access to the game a week before that.

The BETA will be accessible to everyone who preordered (or preorders) the game. Like the name suggests, the goal of the beta test is to “stress test and break the game”. As such, the servers won’t be running 24/7; instead, they’ll be online during targeted timeframes so that as many people as possible will be playing at the same time. On any given day the game might be up for anywhere between four to eight hours.

The game is scheduled to be released on November 14th. You can find out more about the BETA test and the launch on the game’s official website.