F2P Starts Early For Rift Owners

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Some time ago, Trion announced that their famous MMORPG Rift is going free-to-play with no content restrictions. To celebrate the F2P transition, Trion held an event where all old Rift subscribers were able to  play the game for a weekend without having to extend their subscription.

As a result of the free weekend, some players went to the forum and asked Trion whether it was possible for the old subscribers to continue to play the game for free until the F2P launch on June 12, 2013. Much to everyone’s surprise Elrar (the community manager) announced only 6 hours later that it will be done. You can see the whole forum topic here.

For those who haven’t bought Rift yet and don’t want to because it’s goes free to play- you can play Rift Lite. Rift Lite includes free access to the first 20 levels of the game and everything will be carried over to the full game when it goes live.