Epic Announces Game Store to Rival Steam

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Earlier this week, Epic announced that they will be launching their own “Epic Games Store” that they hope will one day rival steam.

Epic revealed that for the last five years, they’ve been building tools to enable them to bring their games directly to players. They went on to explain that they understand the developer point of view and going into the project, they wanted 2 things: a store with fair economics and direct relationship with the players.

They hope to set a fair economy by giving the developers a 88% cut of all the sales. Steam has a system somewhat like that, but it’s tiered to be friendly towards bigger companies and more successful games. By default, Steam takes 30% of all revenue from games that makes less than $10 million. After a game passes that threshold, they take 25% from games that makes between $10 and $50 million. Once a game passes the $50 million revenue mark, steam will only charge 20%. Epic on the other hand will always only take 12% and if the developer is using Unreal Engine, they’ll even cover the 5% engine royalty fee.


To help with the direct player relationship, everyone who purchases your game, will automatically be subscribed to your newsfeed. The feed will be front-and-center in the app so players will always have an overview of what’s going on with the game. Epic also has a Support-a-creator program that helps you reach creators, so they can help you reach players. Creators who refer players to buy your game will receive a revenue share (that you set), which you can track by a tracking code or an affiliate link. To jumpstart the creator economy, Epic has promised to cover the first 5% of creator revenue-sharing for the first 24 months.

The Epic Games Store will launch soon. For the launch, epic will have a hand-curated set of games for PC and Mac. In the future, they’ll open up to other games as well as android and other platforms somewhere in 2019.