En Masse Giving Out Free Level 58 Characters In Tera

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TERA is definitely one of the most beautiful MMORPG’s out there right now. With the transition to the free-to-play business model almost a year ago, the game has seen a big boom in the number of players enjoying the game.

According to En Masse (The publisher of TERA in the NA region), it seems that the questing system, with its monotonous grind poses too much of a barrier for entry. To fix this problem, En Masse is giving everyone a free level 58 character, along with a beginner mount and Tier 11 soulbound gear.

Everyone can receive the free character by creating a new one with a name that ends with “.Levelup” before Monday, September 23. On Monday, the En Masse team will run a script that levels up the character, gives you the above mentioned gear and even a rename scroll so that you can choose a new, more permanent name.

To find out more about the event, visit the official announcement here.