Dragon Nest EU Introduces New Class

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Dragon Nest EU has introduced a new class to the game- the Kali. The update also includes new items, new events, new cash shop items and many bug fixes.

The Kali is a nimble class that uses a variety of melee and range attacks, the balance of them depending on her job specialization. She provides valuable group buffs and specializes in spiritual attacks that can deal massive dark magic damage. Kali uses Fans and Chakrams as a primary weapon and Charm as her secondary weapon.

The update also includes Skill Dragon Jades. The Jades will be dropped in all Hell Nests higher than Lv. 40. The Skill Dragon Jade’s effect is activated by certain conditions.

To find out more about the new class, the Skill Dragon Jades and the bug fixes, you can read the full patch notes here.