Diablo Immortal Might Be Better Than Expected

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If you’re a Diablo fan like we are, You’ve probably already heard about the new Mobile MMO Diablo Immortal that Blizzard announced at Blizzcon.

Initially all the fans were pissed when they heard that the game was going to be mobile only. Some went as far as to ask the Developers (during the Blizzcon expo) if it was an out of season April Fools joke.

Sure, it might have been a bad idea to reserve the “biggest announcement time slot” for a mobile game, knowing that the bulk of blizzard fans are PC gamers. But if it had been announced at any other time and place, it probably wouldn’t have received such a toxic reception.

Most of the fans are worried that this will mean that Diablo 4 will be pushed further back in the development pipeline and they raise some valid points. A lot of work went into the game that could have been put into Diablo 4 instead. For example: cinematic trailers and story are extremely time consuming to get right and as We all know, Blizzard doesn’t usually do things half-assed. However, this doesn’t mean that Blizzard isn’t already working on another Diablo sequel game.

Many players have said that they’re going to boycott the game and we think it’s the wrong way of looking at it. We feel that, if the game is a success and it makes the Diablo franchise more popular, it will incentivize blizzard to make a game that their fans are graving for.

In short, we think everyone should at least give the game a chance before announcing to the world that it’s bad. We think that the cinematic trailer looks awesome and even though We’re not mobile gamers, We can’t wait to try it out.

You can find more details about the game and pre-register to try it out on the official game site.