CS:GO Goes Free To Play

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Last week, Valve announced that they’ve made their highly competitive online shooter game Counter Strike: Global Offensive free to play.

As you may have expected, that caused an uproar in many players, causing the game reviews from Dec 7 to plummet to mostly negative (~30%  user reviews positive). Everyone who bought the game were upgraded to prime status.

Many players are unhappy that they spent money on the game and then valve made it free to play without giving them any real reward besides the prime status. Another group of players criticize the decision due to the influx of new cheaters the change is bound to bring. Apparently, there’s always been a cheater problem at the higher ranks, which Valve hasn’t been able to solve.

With the F2P transition Valve also announced a new Battle Royale mode, Danger Zone. The Danger Zone matches of up to 18 people. You can team with up to 2 other players.

Right now Valve is giving away Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats skin to all Prime Status members who play Danger Zone and earn at least 250 XP. The Souvenir is available to everyone until January 9th, 2019.

You can find out more about CS:GO and the new Battle Royale mode on the game’s official steam site.