Celebrate Halloween With Prime World

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To celebrate Halloween, Prime World is holding different events in order to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Each year from October 24 to November 4, a mighty creature comes to the castle and generously rewards everyone who chooses to complete his quests.

During the event period  a special “Pumpkin!” item will be available in all shops. The pumpkin will cost 20 prime. Upon activation, it turns a hero into a pumpkin for 10 seconds if he doesn’t move. Enemies cannot distinguish a disguised hero from a regular pumpkin and cannot attack him until he’s revealed with talents or items with a True Sight effect that reveals invisible heroes.

Also, when players complete the Primelord Pumpkins quests, they may be rewarded with a Legendary (purple) Deadly Phantom talent which cannot be obtained any other way.

Deadly Phantom

  • Tier: III;
  • Talent Type: Legendary (Purple);
  • Upon activation, this talent summons a phantom that runs with increasing speed to the nearest enemy hero for 3 seconds and then explodes, dealing 360 damage to all nearby enemies.

To find out more about the game and the Halloween event, visit the official site here.