CCP Revealed Legion

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CCP, the developer of the critically acclaimed Eve Online has recently revealed a brand new MMOFPS game based on the same universe. The new game will be called Legion.

This might all sound familiar to you, as if there already was a game like that around. You’re completely right- CCP is also the developer behind Dust514, the MMOFPS that’s connected to the Eve Online universe. One of the big differences between Dust514 and Legion is that Dust514 was developed exclusively for PS3, while Legion will be PC oriented.

The game will be built on the foundation of Dust514, with the same development team behind the game. Some changes have been planned though. While Dust514 was a PvP game that got its missions from Eve Online mercenary contracts, Legion aims to have as much PvE in the game as it has PvP.

The upcoming game is still in early stages. The development team has been working on the game for only a few months. The game is being developed on the unreal engine.