C9: The Second Extreme Raid

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After a long wait, Webzen is finally ready to release the second Extreme Dungeon: Bardiel Seal for their highly successful MMORPG Continent Of The Ninth Seal (C9). A few months ago Webzen released the first Extreme Raid where people had the opportunity of trying their might against 3 extremely difficult bosses.

This time players will have to face their most difficult challenge  yet- battling Bardiel, the God of Fire, and returning him to his fiery prison.  Since Bardiel is a god, he cannot be destroyed, leaving Sarad’s reinforcements no choice but to seal him through mystical means if they wish to save Glenheim.

The Extreme Dungeon: Bardiel Seal is located on Sarad, the Fifth Continent. Although a full party isn’t required to enter the dungeon, it is highly recommended in order to have a chance of defeating the God of Fire.

To find out more about the game and the latest raid, visit the official site here.