C9 Releases First Half of 6th Continent

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Some time ago WEBZEN announced the 6th continent for their critically acclaimed C9. Now the time has come for the first half of the 6th continent to be released.

With the update, C9 Players will get a new level cap of 67, as well as access to 5 new dungeons. The update also brought a revamped skill book system and new unique items for each class.

The newly revamped skill book system makes acquiring new skill books much easier. Players can now combine their old skill books using a Cosmos Stone to randomly strengthen their potency for their skill book set effects. Also, players will have the chance to combine two (or more) skill books using an Artisan Crystal to get a different, more powerful skill book.

To celebrate the release of the first half of the 6th continent, WEBZEN also invites players to participate in daily PvP Quests where players will be able to get event tokens that can be exchanged for a random chest. Random chest might include:

  • Bless of Badhbh Cath
  • Transcendent Enhance Stone [+13]
  • Transcendent Enhancer [+6]
  • Perfect Rare Skillbooks

To find out more about C9 and the 6th continent, visit the official game site.