C9 Expansion Announced

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The best way for an MMO to stay relevant in these days is to update and release expansions. The prospect of new content or new gameplay or new classes is often enough to make people curious to try a game again. Sometimes that renewed interest is all it takes to remind players why they loved a game in the first place. Webzen is hoping to bolster their community with the announcement of the fourth expansion for Continent of the Ninth Seal, beginning with Rahkdan’s Counterattack. This Counterattack marks the first part of C9’s massive three-part content update, more of which will be revealed later. Starting tomorrow, on November 27th, players will have access to the free expansion, which will include server-wide character rebalancing. This rebalance will update the skill damage for most classes as well as the monster difficulty, making C9 more challenging and thrilling than ever before. The Fourth and Fifth Continents (Okapia and Sarad, respectively) will receive new missions for players to complete as well as new Epic Items that will be available from enemies on the Second through Sixth Continents.


In the coming months, the fourth expansion will grow even larger with two more installments. Webzen has confirmed that one of these installments will feature the long-awaited announcement of a brand new basic class, as well as new advanced classes to go with it. The future installments will also feature new levels for the Sixth Continent (Raebin). To sweeten the deal, Webzen has teased item giveaways and a new in-game event that rewards players for participating in an intrusion. More details on the two upcoming installments in the expansion will be made soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on C9’s fourth expansion. Until then, prepare yourself for the return of the malevolent god, Rahkdan.