Blizzard Unveils Heroes of the Storm

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Okay, so it’s not as though this is incredibly new information, but it’s definitely the next step in a game that has been developing for over two years. Blizzard first announced their intention to create a MOBA game back at the 2011 BlizzCon, but at the time it was simply called Blizzard DOTA. Since then, it’s been “we’ll release it when it’s ready” business as usual for Blizzard, and not much has been heard about the title since. However, earlier today, at BlizzCon 2013, the game was revealed to have been rechristened Heroes of the Storm, and they released a cinematic showcasing many of their popular heroes, including Kerrigan, Jim Raynor, Nova, and the Lich King.

Details are being made available over the weekend as the convention goes on, but so far game director Dustin Browder has made mention of the various maps in Heroes of the Swarm and how they work not only “to pay homage to the games,” but also “to provide…new challenges, and challenge the genre.” One such map is Blackheart’s Bay, which grants teams the help of a pirate captain if they bribe him with treasure. Another example is Dragon Shire, where players can gain control of the map to summon a powerful knight to help them. MOBAs are extremely popular right now, and much like World of Warcraft’s reign on top of the MMORPG genre, many games are trying to unseat the king, League of Legends. Quite frankly, if anybody has a chance to rip the fanbase away from Riot Games, its Blizzard. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the game’s cast and setting will be an amalgamation of Blizzard’s wildly popular franchises. I’m not gonna lie: if there’s anything that can take me away from League of Legends, it will be the ability to play as Kael’thas Sunstrider in a MOBA.