Blizzard Released a Guide to Their 41 Pre-Blizzcon Videos

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If you’re a huge Blizzard fan like Us, you’ll be glad to hear that they’ve released a comprehensive guide to all of their 41 Blizzcon Related Videos.

They start the announcement by saying that Blizzcon “started” already 2 months ago. By that they mean that’s when they started releasing their awesome videos. They figured that there’s no way they’d pack all of the announcements into the narrow 3 day window intended to show off their biggest announcements.

They’ve divided the videos into 10 different categories: Best of BlizzCon, The Vault, Drawn to Adventure, Elite Cosplay, Level Up, Universe Builders, Pause for Laughter, Epic Tales, In-Game Item Reveals, and Bonus Episodes.

If one of the categories caught your fancy, you can find more information about it and all related videos in this announcement.