Bless Online Launches on Steam

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It is here. Neowiz has finally released the early access of their highly anticipated Bless Online for the EU and US regions. For the founders atleast. Although the game servers suffered from huge player overload in the first few hours of the release, Neowiz quickly remedied the problem by adding servers for the overloaded regions.

Bless is a medieval fantasy style MMORPG with seamless open world, crafting, boss raids, dungeons and PvP. Right now the game has 7 Distinct Races and 5 Unique Classes, but the developer has promised to add more classes for the official game release in a year or so.

Bless Online will be holding a leveling up event from May 28 to June 26. During the event, players will get various boxes for reaching levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 45. The boxes contain various in game items including consumables, teleport scrolls, peace declarations and lumena (premium currency). You can find the event details on the game’s steam site.

Right now, the game is available for founders on steam.