Blacklight: Retribution Launches Their Biggest Update Ever!

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Blacklight Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution has launched their biggest update ever, they call it the Onslaught Expansion. The Onslaught expansion features new weapons, modes, maps and much more. Out of all the features, introduced in the update, the one that has received the most attention is the Onslaught mode. Onslaught is a 4 people co-op mode where players have to join forces in order to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Also featuring in the new update are modes like Search and Destroy, Last Man Standing and Last Team Standing.

In addition some Server Mutators have been added. For example, now players are able to define the number of rounds a match lasts (up to 15), set up a number of spawn tickets (the number of spawns a player or a team can use per round), cosmetic armors, cosmetic weapons and much more.

There have also been some User Interface updates and many bug fixes.

New expansion trailer here:


If you want to find out more about the game, you can check it out and download it here.