Baptiste Joins Overwatch Hero Roster as Hero #30

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Earlier this week, Blizzard revealed the Baptiste Origin video. Baptiste is the 30th Hero to join the Overwatch roster.

Baptiste is a support and damage hybrid hero. His primary fire shoots bullets in a bursts of 3, while his right click launches grenades that heal allies. Baptiste has the “Regenerative Burst” ability that heals allies in a small area around him, over a small period of time.

The second ability, “Immortality Field” does pretty much what it sounds like. Immortality Field creates a small area in which Baptiste’s teammates can’t be killed for a short period of time. Although it sounds overpowered at first, don’t forget that the device that creates the field can be destroyed.

Baptiste’s ultimate ability, “Amplification Matrix” doubles the damage and healing effects of all friendly projectiles that go through it.

The hero also has a passive ability that enables him to jump higher if he crouches before jumping.

You can find out more about the new hero from this developer update video.