Archlord II Starts Pre-Registration For Closed Beta

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WEBZEN recently revealed that they’ve opened Closed Beta pre-registration for their upcoming PvP MMO Archlord 2. Players can sign up for the Closed Beta by using their existing gPotato or Webzen account (or create a new account).

Everyone who pre-registers for the Closed Beta will be entered into the “Closed Beta lottery” and have a chance to get a key for the highly anticipated Closed Beta Test. The Archlord 2 CBT is currently scheduled to begin sometime in June 2014.

Everyone who used to play Archlord 1 are encouraged to pre-register with their existing accounts. Webzen has promised that Archlord 1 players who logged into the game in the last 3 months of its existence will receive access to the CBT of Archlord 2.

WEBZEN also revealed that there won’t be a NDA for the Closed Beta and players are encouraged to share their adventures with others.

To find out more about the game and pre-register for the Closed Beta, visit the official Archlord 2 site here.