ArcheAge is Going to be Free-to-Play in the West

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Late last week, Scapes (Evan Berman), the community manager of ArcheAge for Trion answered some Frequently Asked Questions. Among other things he revealed that ArcheAge is going to be a free-to-play sandbox with “No Tricks, No Traps”.

Right now, the game is in Friends and Family Alpha, meaning the tester group is extremely small and nigh-internal. However, since the recent launch in Russia, XLGames has been providing tremendous engineering effort toward making ArcheAge go live in the west as fast as possible. The game will be entering the alpha testing phase in coming weeks following GDC this month. From there, the game will be transitioning into NDA free closed-beta. The development team is also working on “early supporter” pre-launch packages that will enable players to buy their way into the closed-beta.

Trion is going to share the ArcheAge demo with the community on next Friday’s livestream (March 21) and add ArcheAge as a recurring feature to their Twitch channel.

You can find out more about the game and register for the closed beta on the official site.