Arcane Green Lantern Joins Infinite Crisis

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I’ve previously mentioned just how strong of a MOBA title Infinite Crisis is. It has all the tools necessary to be competitive in the already heavily saturated MOBA market, and even has the added advantage of hooking nearly every comic book and DC Universe fan who might be interested in PC Gaming. However, as good as Infinite Crisis is, it’s imperative that the game remains relevant by consistently updating and evolving. The next step in the expansion of DC Universe has now arrived in the form of a new champion: Arcane Green Lantern. Sir Harold Jordan lost his parents when he was just a child. When the Shadow League unleashed the Black, the monsters that poured forth from the maw slew everyone including Harold’s family. The only reason Harold didn’t die as well was because the legendary Emerald Knight Alan Scott arrived and saved the young boy. Jordan was then raised by the great warrior and has since become a powerful and distinguished member of the Order of Emerald Knights.


Arcane Green Lantern is a support tank, who wears heavy armor and wields a large lance and magical lantern as he marches into battle. His passive applies a debuff called Emerald Light on enemies hit by his abilities. Allies who attack the afflicted enemies receive a small amount of healing over time. Arcane Green Lantern can also manifest his will as a giant glass warrior, which runs straight forward and knocks up all enemies in its path. The ability can be activated again and Arcane Green Lantern will teleport to his glass warrior, shattering it. Arcane Green Lantern can also throw his lantern a short distance, granting vision of the surrounding area, dealing a bit of damage, and giving allies next to the lantern a small armor buff. Arcane Green Lanterns ultimate allows him to shield and teleport to a target ally within range of his lantern. League of Legends fans will recognize elements of Thresh, Lissandra, and Shen in the mechanics of Arcane Green Lantern, who looks like he’ll be an extremely strong addition to the Infinite Crisis lineup.