Anthem Public Demo Coming This Month

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Bioware and EA have revealed that they’ll be hosting Two limited time demos for their highly anticipated upcoming online RPG Anthem. Although the game is scheduled to get officially release on February 22, the first demo will be held from January 25-27 for players who pre-ordered the game or are Origin Access Members. The second demo will be held from February 1-3 and will be available to everyone. The demos will go live across PC, PS4 and XBox One.

BioWare has stated that everyone who completes the VIP Demo will get an exclusive in-game item that can be used in the final release. During the demos, players will start at level 10 and have a max level cap of 15. Unfortunately since it’s a demo test, the progress made during the 2 demos won’t carry over to the official release.

If you’re still on the fence about buying the game, the Demo from February 1-3 will be the perfect time to try out the game without a risk to your wallet.

You can find out more about the game and the demos on the game’s official website.