Aion Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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NCSoft has recently announced their plans for Aion‘s fifth anniversary celebration. Throughout the event period players will experience buffs, increased item and drop rates, as well as tons of cool prizes, contests and giveaways.

During the event period, players will be treated to cakes that provide special buffs, such as increased drop rate by 10% or double global item drop rates. On September 22nd, the official anniversary date, GMs will be available in-game to provide players with more buffs and general merriment.

Players will be able to gain a special armor during the event period. As a 5th anniversary gift, players will be able to buy the dazzling Daevanion Armor for 1 NCoin on the Black Cloud Marketplace. This is a full set with every piece being an independent skin. The armor isn’t only dazzling, but it is also great for gearing up to level 55-60.

To find out more about the game and the 5th anniversary celebration, visit the official game site here.