A World of Warcraft Movie!

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World of Warcraft Movie

It’s a known fact that in 2006 Legendary Pictures acquired rights to adapt blizzards most famous game World of Warcraft into a movie. A year later, at BlizzCon,  it was revealed that the film would be aimed to be released in 2009. Later in 2009, the production company along with Blizzard Entertainment announced the film budget to be “not less than $220 Million”.

Due to many different complications, the production of movie was never started, even though the movie had a huge budget. Lately, it has been announced that Duncan Jones the Producer of Moon and Co-Producer of Source Code will be directing the adaptation from a script by Charles Leavitt.

Legendary Pictures is looking to start the production in fall 2013 and hoping to release the movie in 2015. Let’s hope the movie is worth the wait!