Article Some Of The Most Underrated MMOs

Some Of The Most Underrated MMOs


In a world where a small number of names seem to hold a monopoly in the MMO genre, it goes without saying that some games are going to slip under the radar. While this list is far from exhaustive or even attempting to name the three very best underrated MMOs, what it does do is highlight three MMOs that I have enjoyed that perhaps you should take another look at.

MMOFPS MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online


My engines start up. I check to see that my heat sink is regulating, make sure all my weapon systems are online, and check that my armor is reading 100%. It’s time for war. My Jagermech slowly lumbers across the battlefield with my squad towards the enemy; the battle will only end once one side has been annihilated. Such is war in the year 3049.

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