News Hearthstone First Expansion’s Pricing Revealed

Hearthstone First Expansion’s Pricing Revealed


Earlier this week, Blizzard revealed the pricing model for the Curse Of Naxxramas expansion for the critically acclaimed Hearthstone. Everyone can buy the full expansion for $24.99 or they can choose to pay $6.99 per wing (or 700 in game gold).

News New Adventure Mode Coming To Hearthstone

New Adventure Mode Coming To Hearthstone


Hearthstone’s highly anticipated single player Adventure Mode was officially announced late last week at PAX East! The new single-player game mode is called Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure!

News Hearthstone Starts Mobile Deployment

Hearthstone Starts Mobile Deployment


Blizzard has never made a secret about their plans of making their their Massively Multiplayer Online Trading Card Game Hearthstone available on the Mobile Platform.

News Hearthstone US Starts Open Beta

Hearthstone US Starts Open Beta


Blizzard recently announced that their highly anticipated CCG Hearthstone has entered the Open Beta stage in the US region. Although the game hasn’t been released in other regions yet, Blizzard stated that they plan to release it within a few days.

News Hearthstone Starts Season 2

Hearthstone Starts Season 2


With season 1 of Hearthstone ending, Blizzard recently announced the Test Season 2 of Hearthstone Ranked Play mode. At the beginning of each Ranked Play season, all players will have their ranks reset to Rank 25.

News Hearthstone Open Beta Delayed

Hearthstone Open Beta Delayed


Blizzard announced that they need more time fine tuning the highly anticipated collectible card game Hearthstone. Although Blizzard’s not ready to start the open beta yet, they’ve decided to give everyone who opted in for the hearthstone closed beta prior to Monday, December 16, the chance to play the game.