News Firefall Launches Referral Program

Firefall Launches Referral Program


Now that Firefall has exited the beta stages of development and entered the full release, Red 5 Studios figured that it might get lonely playing alone and decided to introduce the Referral Program.

News Firefall Launching Officially

Firefall Launching Officially


Red 5 Studios has announced that their free to play MMO Shooter Firefall has exited the Beta Testing phase and is in full retail release as of today, July 29th. The game is available in North America, Europe, and Australia.

News Firefall’s New Trailer Features PvP Combat

Firefall’s New Trailer Features PvP Combat


Some time ago Red 5 Studios announced that their first MMO Firefall, will be entering open beta on July 29. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve released a new trailer featuring the upcoming Open world PvP feature.

News Firefall Scheduled to Launch on July 29th

Firefall Scheduled to Launch on July 29th


Red 5 Studios recently announced that their dynamic open-world mmofps Firefall will officially launch on July 29. The game will be live for PC through Steam and the official game site.

News Firefall Shutting Down PvP

Firefall Shutting Down PvP


As many of you might already know, Firefall recently launched PvP. Now the development team …

News Firefall Starts Second Open Beta Stage