News Bungie Getting Back Publishing Rights to Destiny
News Destiny Servers Set Live a Day Early

Destiny Servers Set Live a Day Early


During Destiny’s beta testing period in July, more than 4.6 million people decided to try the game, making it the biggest console beta of this generation. To celebrate the success, Bungie decided to surprise the fans, by launching the game a day ahead of the official release date.

News Destiny Introduces Planet View

Destiny Introduces Planet View


Although Destiny is scheduled to be released next week, it didn’t stop bungie from giving us a big surprise in the form of “Planet View” trailer. Powered by Google technology, Planet View allows players to explore the world of destiny in a way never thought possible.

News Destiny Might Be Coming To PC

Destiny Might Be Coming To PC


Recently during an interview with the staff of Polygon, Activision’s CEO Erik Hirshberg revealed that Destiny might be coming to PC.

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News Destiny Release Date Revealed

Destiny Release Date Revealed


Although the game was rumored to start closed beta in February 2014, the development team stated that it’s more realistic that the closed beta would start in the Summer of 2014. Destiny will officially launch on all console platforms on September 17th.